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Qualifications Detailed

Below you will find a more detailed listing of tasks and other duties I have performed throughout my professional career.

Multimedia/Web/Graphic Design

  • Marketing collateral production – designing, printing, cutting, packaging and overall process coordination.
  • Corporate business card designing, printing, and distribution.
  • Video scripting, filming, and editing. (ie. interviews, green screen, website walkouts and site tours.)
  • Creating and maintaining a 300+ page interactive website complete with online store, forum, blog, and PHP-driven search engine.
  • Creating PDF job applications, job order forms, contracts, and other forms as needed.
  • Working with the following Microsoft programs:
    - Publisher for advertisement, flyer, e-mail blast, and calendar creation.
    - Word to create bulk mail labels, press releases, custom envelopes.
    - Excel for mailing list management/creation, print log creation, job ready database backup, spreadsheets and graphs.
    - PowerPoint for presentations displayed at events and in the agency lobby.
  • Using the following Adobe products:
    - Photoshop for photo/art editing, ad layouts, photo retouching, and web-ready graphic creation.
    - InDesign for advertisement and brochure creation, document gangups and print layouts, and PDF exports.
    - Livecycle for interactive form creating and data importation.
    - Flash for website menus and elements, animations, walkouts, and video players.
    - Dreamweaver for large-scale website creating, design, administration, coding and troubleshooting, and video implementation.
    - Premiere Pro/After Effects for video editing, cropping, effects, keying, and DVD authoring with menus.
    - Soundbooth and Illustrator as needed.


  • Coordinating fundraising initiatives including Funding Factory (collect and ship used cartridges and misc. electronics), online store items, and Goodsearch.
  • Providing troubleshooting, technical support, and other assistance to marketing supervisor, management and staff.
  • Supervising trainees while delegating work and assisting them on projects.
  • Proofreading and updating of materials on a regular basis to ensure current information and branding.
  • Acting liaison between supervisor and other department heads/office/outside suppliers and advertising reps.
  • Assisting Vice President with grant compilations according to submission standards.

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General Marketing Activities

  • Covering events including filming, taking photos, doing on-site interviews and assisting with setup.
  • Acting photographer for the agency during events, special occasions, and other projects.
  • Interviewing clients and other program participants for testimonials and other marketing purposes.
  • Consistently meeting the marketing needs and deadlines set forth by 5 divisions and 8 outlying offices across Ohio.
  • Preparing and shipping items to outlying offices after receiving material request forms.
  • Creating and updating interactive maps for agency-wide use and reference.
  • Authoring purchase orders (POs) for advertisements, paper supplies, radio spots and the bulk mail account.
  • Bulk mailing administration (1500+ items) including tracking account balance, completing paperwork, sorting, preparation, and delivery to Post Office.
  • Checking website performance and other analytics to gauge ad campaign success and overall traffic.

Print Production

  • Print production of brochures, posters, postcards, booklets, etc. utilizing the Fiery Command Workstation Software interface.
  • Setting up and instructing others on the use of the MBM rapid-folding machine.
  • Maintenance and minor servicing of a Xerox Docucolor 560 printer complete with production finisher module.
  • Creating several different templates to assist in the production of complex items such as calendars, folded & stapled booklets, duplex items, and gangups.
  • Programming the dimensions required for the Aerocut machine to accurately cut in-house designed print items.
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