Online Portfolio

Written Works & Compositions

A majority of my written works were done in college, but I have also created press releases and forms
at my current position. Clicking on any of the links below will open the PDF file in a new window.

Report on the Battle of Antietem

Battle of Antietem

Sample Business Proposal

Business Proposal

Event Press Release

Press Release

Charting with Excel and PowerPoint

Press Release

Sample Collection Letter

Collection Letter

Event Proposal I composed for
a fictional fundraising event

Fundrasing Event

Report on Globalization
and Unions

Report on Globalization

Marketing Report on Connecting
with the Hispanic Population

Marketing Report

Job Fair Contract
Created using Livecycle

Job Fair Contract

Eight Moral Frameworks

Moral Framework

The Story of the Ford
Pinto and Ethics

Pinto Report

Modern Technology:
Convenience or Burden?

Burden of Technology

Technical Report on
Honda's VTEC Technology

More gears